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 Male Breast Enlargement

Transsexuals looking at male breast enlargement are faced with many problems in becoming feminine. Using expensive and dangerous drugs to have male breasts, can have many side effects and often disappointing results. Embarrassing doctor visits, public record of their medical history, as well as discrimination.

Today's Transsexual ladies need new options for softer skin, less body hair, larger breasts, rounder hips, male to female breast and hormone modulation. 

Transfemme utilizes a nutripotentized, protomorphogen therapy developed for women that also enlarges male breasts. Transfemme has been found to provide even better results to many non biological females than it does for biological females. Transfemme is prescription free in the USA. 

Our Transfemme customers seeking male breast enhancement have reported physical and emotional changes. Many users have likened using the pills to the difference between seeing life in Black & White and then color, due to their new heightened emotional responses and female habits and traits.

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

Here's my story .... 

It's been a strange journey .... my girlfriend was complaining to me that her breasts were too small. Well, I did some research and found a few products ... two of which were BountifulBreast and Transfemme. I opted for a less expensive herbal product, but continued to visit the BountifulBreast and Transfemme website and forums. I was captivated by the testimonials that men could grow breasts from taking the Transfemme product. I finally gave in and tried TF for a month .... Well, I was surprised to see changes in my chest in just a few days .... I continued to take my TF pills (at 6/day) for 2-1/2 weeks (until the product was gone). At this point my areola had expanded to nearly 1 inch across (about double their original size), but I had no development beneath my nipples.

Well, my Transfemme pills ran out and I didn't get a second supply .... About a month later my girlfriend's BE pills also ran out (her nipples and areola got much larger, but she still had no additional breast volume) .... I contacted Jules and she convinced me to purchase a 6-month supply (four for me and three for my girlfriend --- as I got a free month with the order). I started back taking my Transfemme pills (2 with breakfast and 2 with lunch) .... I did this for nearly six weeks and then noticed that my right breast had begun to bud (I had a hard, painful, nodule developing beneath my right areola) .... I was shocked (to say the least) .... I couldn't believe that this would happen (to me) .... I was excited and also suddenly scared (what was I thinking ??? how could I do this to myself ???) --- I know I read all the warnings, but I just always knew that this wouldn't work ---- boy, was I wrong !!!! (My girlfriend's breasts have gotten larger too!)

After a few days of serious reflecting (too little, too late?), I decided that I was done taking the Transfemme pills --- I was happy with my development, but didn't want to be a "guy with breasts" ...... At this point, I was still able to go unnoticed (I didn't look any different than any other guy who developed as a teen then stopped as testosterone finally took over) ..... Well, its six weeks later now but things have not stopped "developing" ... I guess my left breast wasn't happy that it hadn't budded yet, so it did !!! I'm now looking for the reversal pill to try to stop before its too late ..... I can't believe that Transfemme works ... I know that the forums are filled with doubters --- I was one of them once ..... but not anymore .....


PS - This is an unsolicited testimonial --- I didn't want anymore Transfemme pills for this ... only the reversal pills ........I hope they work.

Hi this is Shandra, I wanted to say I was proved wrong!

I thought these breast enhancers were all the same. After researching website after website, I finally chose this one.

If you notice (guys) how many other websites have male testimonials?? I originally began talking with Grace, she discussed that these pills were effective on males (which I am by the way). As every one else I was skeptical still, so I bought one months supply.

Well within one week I could feel some weird pains and feelings. My nips began to widen 1/4 inch, chest began to itch within first month!! I know, just imagining right??

Well I decided one way to see my progress was to get a bra, I bought a 36 b bra. It was the right size around (36) but the cups (yea right).

So....Today I am 2.5 months into my pills and you know that bra, well It's not empty now...I know seeing is believing so I have some pics to prove it.

One nice thing besides the upper is the lower starting to round out, softer skin and less frequent shaving!! I would recommend If you were discouraged with other natural (ENHANCERS) notice this bottle says ENLARGEMENT, TRY THIS ONE!!!

Liz and Jules are great to talk to. I'm not gonna say how big i'll get, but you will hear about it.

Good Luck and thank you!


I am a 58 year old pre-operative (approved by a professional board) transsexual. I am on my way to transforming from genetic male to desired female. My road has been long and hard and ever since I was a child I knew I was different. Now I know that there are literally thousands perhaps a million or so like me, struggling to become what we know in our minds that we really are. I am in this outward process called "ytransformation" to match my inward true self.

I started by trying some generic breast supplements "vitamins" like the ones sold on a popular online auction site; none of them worked. I began taking doctor prescribed hormones years ago under the direction of a licensed gynecologist. The hormone therapy started with Premarin and was monitored (especially because of my age) by my doctor. Unfortunately I could not stay on them very long as blood problems developed (my blood was like jelly.) I then switched to estradial, this also caused the same blood problems. My third attempt was a transdermal patch, which is very hard to keep on. I abandoned the hormone therapy in search of an alternative. The growth effect from the hormones was too slow for me anyway and the physical female appearance was almost non existent. I was very depressed.

One day I was reading my latest issue of one of the top fashion magazines and I noticed an advertisement in the back for "TRANSFEMME- male feminization guaranteed." I have forever been skeptical of these claims but how could a leading fashion magazine allow this ad if there was not some truth behind it!

So I called and talked to Jules, who as with many others was very understanding and seemed quite knowledgeable. She was pleasant and answered all my questions, so I took a chance. I ordered the TRANSFEMME pills (which arrived quickly) and began what I now consider to be the BEST move yet to personal breast growth and enhancement. Jumping to today (2 months on and moving to the third month) I have noticed remarkable difference in the size and firmness of my breasts. I watch my diet and eat 2 high protein protein bars a day as suggested by the program. My contour is full and I fill out a 38B bra! It is simply wonderful and I believe this to be the BEST alternative to other supplements and dangerous hormones. I would recommend the Transfemme pills to all my friends and I will definitely continue to take them indefinitely. 
I may someday decide to get breast implants if I need them but until then I know I am taking a safe product that works and makes me feel like a female should.

Any "sisters" reading this should seriously consider this pill. Thank you Jules and thank you TRANSFEMME for helping me on my journey.


think that it is a wonderful idea that you have, now I am interested in the reversal pill just to see what you have to say about it. I cannot see why a man would want to take this product, go through the changes and then try to reverse them. I am guessing it is mainly to restore testosterone levels to the male state since Transfemme is definitely changing my levels to those of a woman. Here is my testimony. 

I had taken herbal supplements before to try to expand my breast growth but nothing ever worked for me...I found Transfemme on the web and decided to try it. 
They told me my body would do the changes itself while on the product 
whereas the herbals I had taken could not induce that. Now I understand exactly what they meant by my body doing the work, I just did not expect it so fast. 

I began using Transfemme because I really wanted to have a more feminine figure. I took the product and saw results after only two weeks. I began at an A cup but it was due to my pectoral muscles and they had a wedge shape to them like most men. After two weeks I measured at a 38B cup and my breasts were really soft but still a bit wedged. 
I talked with Grace and she suggested that I go off Transfemme for about a week to see if I would still grow as it seemed I was. My hips had not formed but my rear had bubbled a bit more and it was noticeable. 

I took Grace's advice and stayed off for a week (now at six days) and my breasts got a bit more tender and now they are round, still a bit spongy but getting a bit firm. I am getting excited because Grace said that my breasts 
would round out first and firm before they grew outward. I now measure at 38 3/4 band and 39 3/4 over the nipple. My areola have spread about 1/4 of an inch as well. I will start back up on Transfemme again tomorrow. 

Some other changes I noticed over the past week. My skin is so much softer now, even though I always had soft hands and skin it has become a bit more softer than before. My facial hair is not growing as fast. I usually have a dark shadow after a full day of work but now the shadow is very light and the hair is not as coarse as before. 

Another thing that is impressing me is my head. I have been seeing that my hair grows a bit faster in the areas where it was prominent and now seems to be growing back in the areas where I thought I was balding. My hair is getting thicker and doing it faster. 

My nails are growing faster as well. I had to have them cut down to almost nothing when I took the acrylics off and in just two days they have grown back to just past my fingertips. 

I like what Transfemme has done for me. I fully enjoy the fact that my hormone levels have shifted and the fact that my breasts itch and tingle at times makes me excited at what I am about to become. I feel a bit more feminine and really enjoy wearing the bras the I have purchased. I plan on purchasing different clothing in the coming months. Thank-you Transfemme for the change you have allowed in my life that even synthetic hormones could not achieve before. 

Thank-you Transfemme and your staff for the prompt responses to email and for Grace and the time she takes answering my questions on the phone. You have an amazing product and the results are obvious and should speak for themselves. 



Update: August 17th 2005.

The doctor who felt my breasts told me I had significant development underneath, but he did not know I was trying to grow...There has been more in my breasts forming underneath...under my arms I can feel the tissue and right under my nipples...ducts and
glands have taken shape...they are pretty developed now. I need to get a mammogram to be sure.I have been trying to wait on that one, how can I explain that to the insurance company?

Thank you for using me as your "Transfemme girl"! I've always had nice breasts (34C) and I was basically happy with my size. I wouldn't have minded a little extra but I was not about to have implant surgery and end up with hardened breasts. I had gained a few pounds and was exercising, then naturally my breasts seemed to be getting smaller. That was something I dreaded, I didn't want to end up a 34b at 5'8.

A friend who had used Transfemme told me I should call the company to ask if it could help me retain my size or grow a little while exercising and dieting. I called in and was told that they couldn't guarantee I would grow but it should help me stay at my normal size during my weight loss program, so I gave it a try and hoped for the best.

Much to my surprise I grew from a 34C to a 37DD within a few short months and I lost 8 pounds from all over my body except from my breasts! The growth was an unexpected bonus, which I have to admit now that my breasts are larger, I am very happy with the extra size. I truly believe this is the best natural breast enlargement available and I would recommend it to anyone who feels they need breast enlargement, enhancement or firming.

Yours truly,
Heidi VonSont


I live in Canada. If you don't know already, our country Canada only believes the way to increase your breast size is to have surgery, better known as implants.

I am presently taking Transfemme. I have been taking it for approximately 6 weeks. I started taking 3 pills a day and have increased to taking 2 at breakfast, 2 at lunch, 2 at dinner, and 1 with a protein drink before I go to bed.

Before I started to take Transfemme I was very small (A cup and never filled a B cup). I would wear blouses to cover them. Now I wear sweaters and feel proud of the way I look (even my friends have commented that I look fuller). After just 6-7 weeks I was a full B cup, today I am a full C and my bras are getting tight. I will continue to take Transfemme for a few more months, at which time, I will be a full D CUP!

I still can't believe it. I feel and look so much better. I look in the mirror and I say "Wow, this is so incredible, a new me! It is truly happening, and all because of this magic pill called Transfemme." I have been buying new bras at Victoria's Secret.

I believe it is better to take the pills, rather than doing the extreme and getting surgical implants, that in my opinion, looks very unreal. I have been told by my male friends that they do not like they way they feel.

P.S. thanks for your honesty. God Bless You.


I finally found what I've spent years praying for! I've always been surrounded by women in the family who had larger than average breast sizes (c-ddd-e); then there was AAA me (probably from heavy athletics in through adolescent.) I could literally feel my rib cage through my breast. I was a rail at 5'9" and 120 lbs.

For years I put pads (big pads) in my bras, but people could feel them when I hugged them. Then I switched to silicon enhancers, but they get sweaty and stinky. I was getting closer and closer to a breast augmentation, which I was terrified of, when I ran across Transfemme Breast on the Internet. It was my last hope, and my prayers were answered.

I am the skeptic of all skeptics. I have never bought anything from TV, the Internet, magazines, or shopping networks because of skepticism and a fear of risk; no matter how beneficial a company made a product sound. I even asked my OB-GYN about breast enhancing pills. He said they were safe, but that they wouldn't work. I know now this was only because not a lot of people know about this very real product. I cannot express how real this is, and how much Transfemme has changed my life.

I started Transfemme March 31st , 1999 as a AA or a AAA. By May 4th, 1999 (just 5 weeks later) I was a small 32 B, and I rid my life of those smelly silicon enhancers!!!! It is now mid June, and I am outgrowing the bra I bought in May. Summer is here, and for the first year ever, swimsuit shopping was exciting. No more droopy, soggy, foam filled suits. This year I bought a string bikini. I have breasts, wonderfully firm perky breasts, and they are real!

I took 6 pills a day (2 with each meal) and one protein shake a day. My growth did slow down when I stopped drinking shakes, but it did pick back up when I started drinking them again. It is absolutely essential to take the shakes to enhance Transfemme's results. I just ordered my 3rd and 4th bottles of Transfemme. Because of the pill strength increase, I am going to take 3 pills a day and continue the shakes. My goal is a 34 C bra size, and a lingerie shopping spree, and I don't have a doubt in the world that Transfemme will take me there. The best advise I can give to anyone who runs across this is, don't hesitate! It is so worth it.


Stacey Schweiss
Ballwin, Missouri



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