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Age 37




I was seriously looking into breast implants when I discovered Majestic and various other similar products. I was very skeptical but thought I would try it since it was a less expensive and less painful alternative. It has been less than 2 weeks since I started taking Majestic, and I have already noticed growth. The saggy parts of my breasts from breast feeding are filling in and feeling fuller after ONLY 12 days! I can hardly wait to wake up each morning to see the change! I am hoping to gain at least a full cup size with my 2 months’ worth of product. I will keep everyone posted!







I was an A+ cup size and now in just 3 weeks they're Full B , And I feel they're still growing, I look forward to a Full C cup. I'm sure my breasts will reach C Cup size.. I didn't think It was going to work for me but I love the results. The results are great, I'll tell my friends about these breast capsules.



New York




I have been using Majestic breast capsules while dieting. I have lost a total of 35 pounds and 14 inches. I have not lost any weight in my bustline because of this product - this capsule is great! I have actually increased in fullness and am currently a 34 D thanks to the breast capsules.







Dear Majestic,
I am so pleased with the results from just forty days of using the
Majestic breast capsules. I have gone from an A- cup to a B- cup without the use of padding. I really love the new fullness and roundness which I never had before. Just can't wait to show my sister next month when I visit. What a wonder capsule!







Dear Majestic,
Thank you so much for your breast enhancement capsule. In just three short weeks I have seen a tremendous difference. When I found the ad in a magazine, I felt my prayers had been answered! I just knew there had to be a natural way to enlarge the breast tissue that didn't have side effects and was cost efficient. I didn't even fit into a size A cup and always had to wear padded bras because I was too modest to go without them. Now I can shop at Victoria's Secret and buy a pretty bra that before I could only dream about. On my wedding night, I'm going to feel like the most beautiful woman alive, all because of an incredible capsule!
Thank you.


New York





Dear Majestic,
I have never given a testimonial on a product before, but these herbal breast capsules deserve it. I just wanted to write you to let you know what your herbal pills have done for me. First of all, my right breast was always much smaller than my left breast. To my amazement, my right breast became strong and healthy and actually firmed up and evened out with my left breast. It was amazing!! Now as I continue to take the breast capsules, my breasts are becoming firmer, fuller, and a much better shape. I cannot express how happy I am with your product. It is just great! P.S. The people at your company are very helpful and very supportive.
Thank you.







Dear Majestic,
I started using the Majestic Breast Capsule about 2-1/2 months ago. I started to see and notice a result within 2-3 weeks. I now have reached the goal of almost 2 inches. I went from a size B1/2to a full C. These breast capsules are a wonderful alternative to breast surgery.

Thank you,








Dear Majestic,
I was very skeptical about ordering your capsule. I really didn't think that there could be a natural alternative to breast enhancement that actually worked. My husband ordered a bottle for me (I was so skeptical that I kept avoiding making the call, scared to make a fool of myself for believing) and I received it on Thursday. I took one dose Thursday evening and on Sunday night i asked my husband if he was noticing a difference because I thought that I had noticed one. He thought that there was a change in my breasts too. I had been barely filling an A cup, now I am fully filling it. After only two weeks!!! It's truly amazing. I breast feed two babies and never thought that I would have firm breasts again, let alone bigger breasts. Thank you for the miracle. I am beginning to have the physical self esteem that I always wanted.



Jami Farber
Age 24




I have been using your capsule for over two months. I began noticing a difference immediately. Now my breasts have become fuller and evenly sized. I highly recommend this product to any woman thinking about implants. Try these breast capsules first!




Age 41




All my life I have been looking for and trying pills, exercises and other products that would help enhance my feminine features in a safe, non-invasive way. The result has always been the same - a lot of money lost and no results gained. Then I found Majestic Breast Capsule. After just seven weeks of use, I have seen an increase of 1 1/4" and significant firming and toning of the overall breast tissue. At age 44, I suddenly feel more feminine and attractive. I used to rely on my long red hair to give me that "feminine air" but after using Majestic breast capsules and achieving such terrific results, I felt bold enough to cut it all off for a modern, easy-to-care-for style. These days I'm a sassy, self-confident blonde! This is a safe, natural, easy-to-use and inexpensive way to recapture the look and feel of my youth!"




Age 46




"While in my forties, I delivered my one and only child. After nursing him for three years, my chest, which was my best feature, was visibly older looking. Then came Majestic Breast Capsule I went from concave to convex in less than a month. This system is a wonderful blessing to any woman who wishes to enlarge her breasts and look much younger."




Age 38



"Majestic is every woman's for the breast to regain the beauty of youth. I was skeptical when I first heard about it, but since using Majestic breast capsules myself, I can say unequivocally that it works. For me, this is the Majestic of youth, health, and beauty."




Age 26



"When I was first introduced to Majestic, I thought, 'Nothing is going to help sagging breasts, especially just a capsule!' but after 8 weeks of using Majestic breast capsules, my husband saw some amazing results - my breasts were getting firmer. Can you believe it? After two years of hopelessness, I have finally found an answer. You have made this mother of two boys a happy lady."



Age 44





"I'm passionate about sports. I am a weightlifter, do Tae Bo Aerobics and will get my black belt in Tae Kwon Do in the next few months. The monthly tenderness in my breasts caused great discomfort and despite the exercise, my breasts were never toned and firm. Now after using Majestic breast capsules, I can see real fullness and a rounder shape. I especially notice the improvement when I put on my bathing suit for the first time this Spring."






I am a 30 year old mother of 1 and have always been a 34A. Not really trusting implants, I thought I would always be that small. Luckily, I came across your ad in the newspaper and decided that I had nothing to lose by trying them. Little did I know just what I had to gain! After only 3 weeks on your capsules, I went from an A cup to a B cup and can actually wear a bra without push up pads and still have cleavage. Your breast capsules have worked miracles for me, and my husband and I do truly thank you. You'll never know just how happy you've made me.
Thank you,



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