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 Erogenous zones on the female body

Since the body of a woman is one of the most delightful things in a manís life, it is only natural that men should want to be more curious about what spots must be touched to drive a woman wild with desire. The erogenous zones are areas of the female and male bodies that have heightened sensitivity. Stimulation of these areas usually results in sexual response, although not every individual responds in the same way to the stimulation of all erogenous zones. 

Some of the erogenous zones of the female body, such as the nape of the neck and the inner thighs, are well known from the popular literature. Others, such as the feet and the buttocks, are seen as belonging rather to the fetish group by certain people. However, we shall review them all here. 

The feet: The feet are a good place to start hen learning about the power of touch over a womanís sensitive areas. Many women like to have their toes tickled, licked and sucked on lightly. Yes, this does sound like a brave thing to do for many men, but many guys actually enjoy it. Moving up we find the back of the knees, which is an area featuring a high number of nerve endings. This means that the skin is very sensitive to touches and kisses. Further up still are the inner thighs, one of the most popular erogenous areas. Kiss them lightly, bite them lightly and caress to your (and hers) heartís content. Women will love it. At the top backside of the feet are the buttocks, another sensitive area and most women like to have it caressed. If you want to make her sizzling hot, you can also try kissing and licking and Iím sure most guys would not mind if it led to a little anal sex. 

The nape of her neck and the ears. These two are a powerful combination and are usually the place to start the foreplay. Kissing, licking, caressing and massage work wonders on the most sensual part of her neck, while gently nibbling her ears will maker her hot and show you are a sophisticated lover at the same time. 

The big three. And finally we come to the big three erogenous zones everybody knows about (which reminds me about that story of a German couple who did not have kids because they had no idea they were supposed to have sex, nor any idea what sex was). The big three are the lips, the breasts and the vagina/clitoris area. Kisses, caresses, licking, touching and fondling are not only highly recommended, but actually a must for any man who wants to experience the good things in life. And keep in mind that it pays to learn about both what makes your lady go over the edge with pleasure and the way to get her there. 

Let's get started on our journey through a woman's body, shall we?

Erogenous zones

10. Inner Thighs
The inside of the thighs are highly sensitive to touching, stroking and licking. Just like the back of the knees, inner thighs also have many nerve endings, therefore when you fondle them, you will turn her on like crazy.

Remember not to bite because the area is very sensitive and doing so would only cause her mild pain, which will, in turn, cause you plenty of pain.

9. Behind the Knees
Because of all the nerve endings behind the knees, you'd be surprised at how crazy a woman can become when you gently lick or nibble on the back of her knees.

Be careful not to overdo it -- the area, after all, is very sensitive and you must be careful not to make the sensation annoying by getting too rough or tickling her too much.

8. Buttocks
Yes, it's true. Lots of women like it when you play around with their behinds. A lot of women like mild spanking and squeezing of the buttocks. But there's more...

Some women like having their butts licked, sucked and penetrated (with fingers, penis or both). For those who shudder at the thought of sticking their tongues out at Uranus , I'm sure that anal penetration, on the other hand, sounds quite inviting, huh?

7. Nape of the Neck
Just breathing on this part of her body will give her goose bumps all over. So just imagine her reaction when you use your tongue or teeth to get her aroused.

Use your hands too; lift her hair up gently as you bring your mouth closer to her neck. Then, as you sink your teeth into it, pull on her hair slightly so as to give that "I want you sooo bad" impression.

This part of a woman's body is also a good place to start giving her that sensual massage you are famous for and no woman can resist.

6. Ears
Many women enjoy having their ears licked, sucked or kissed. Although blowing in her ear is acceptable, it's not what women enjoy most. Besides the aforementioned things that they like having done to their ears, women like it when you whisper in their ears.

Don't whisper things like, "Can you wash my gym shorts tonight?" Try to be somewhat erotic and give her the shivers up and down her spine instead.

What do you say about foot fetish? 

Female Erogenous zones

5. Feet
Many women enjoy having their feet touched, massaged and some even enjoy having them licked and sucked. Assuming that their feet have been properly cleansed, women enjoy it when their men spend time caressing their soles, toes and ankles. Because these zones can all be ticklish, the sensation of ticklishness can be pleasant for the recipient.

While some men cringe at the thought of wrapping their mouths around a body part that spends most of its day sweating in leather, many guys are actually pretty keen on the idea of giving their women a good toe lashing every now and then.

4. Wrists
This may come as a shock to most guys (women have wrists??!?), but women love having their wrists nuzzled and nibbled by their lovers. The next time you're getting into the foreplay of things with your woman, begin kissing and caressing her wrists and just check out how impressed and turned on she'll become!

3. Breasts (Nipples)
As I'm sure is no surprise to anyone, the breasts are very sexually sensitive and gentle fondling, squeezing, caressing, licking and sucking of the nipples can be extremely arousing.

Just as well, many women like it when their guys get a little rough with their little mountains , so find out how she likes it and give it to her the way she wants!

2. Vagina/Clitoris
The clitoris can be stimulated by using the tongue, the finger or, for the multi-talented Joe, both simultaneously. Some women like to guide their lovers as to the specific amount of pressure they enjoy.

For those who don't get that luxury, it's usually quite evident whether or not she's pleased with your performance. If she begins getting squirmy, make sure that it's because she's enjoying it and not because you're giving her that "annoying" feeling.

In the vagina, the G-spot may be a little difficult to locate, but some women find the search quite worthwhile. There is an area inside some women's vaginas that produces intense sexual feelings when stimulated. Once located, very gentle stimulation gives an incredibly pleasant and unusual sensation.

And the number one female erogenous zone...

1. Lips
Yes, it's true. If you know how to manipulate her lips just right through kissing, licking, sucking and biting, it is very possible that a kiss will lead to a lot more than that. Use your lips, your tongue and your teeth to play with her top and bottom lip and kiss her with absolute passion.

And there it is, the top 10 spots that will drive her crazy. Remember that all women are different and have their own likes and dislikes. Get to know her body and experiment. There's so much more to women than just their sexual organs.

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