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 Breast Enlargement in a Patch: The Revolution

Our Goal?
To create a safe, easy and AUTHENTIC technique for breast enlargement.

The Result?
Years of research by leading scientists and nutritionists in our FDA approved laboratories has resulted in the development of a powerful new breast growth system; the Lush Breast Enlargement Patch.

A Smart Combination.
Lush Breast Enlargement Patch combines the proven enlarging power of natural breast enhancement with the ease of Transdermal delivery to ensure an effective and lifestyle-conscious approach to improving breast size. Lush consumers are thrilled with their results, especially when they realize they only have to apply one patch every THREE days instead of the hassle of taking several herbal pills each day!

Dont put your life on hold for larger breasts
Simple and convenient, Lush Breast Enlargement Patch will easily fit into your regular routine with minimum interruption. Just imagine how youll feel slipping into that low-cut blouse or dress and having your now full breasts pushing over the edge of the cups revealing your striking cleavage. That feeling can be yours FAST and if you order today you will enjoy great savings with our Special Introductory Pricing. Wear a bikini with pride this summer! Order the Lush Breast Enlargement Patch now and enjoy natural breast augmentation benefits that will make you the envy of the beach.

Breast Patch


Statistics show that last year over 100,000 women chose the expense of breast surgery and went under the knife to permanently increase the size of their breasts.

With so many potential complications arising from breast surgery, we wanted to ensure that women of all sizes, shapes and ages could CHOOSE a method of breast enlargement thats right for them.

The Difference Is

Lush Breast Enlargement Patch has been formulated with YOU in mind. Reasonably priced with proven results that WONT HURT you, natural gains that are permanent and a delivery system unequalled by any other product, Lush is the ultimate breast system for convenience and results.

Lush Breast Enlargement Patch consists of a proprietary blend of the following all-natural ingredients:

Black Cohoshe
Wild Yam

Tribulus Terristris
Muira Puama
Shisandra Berry


 How Do I use Lush Breast Enlargement Patch?

Its easy! Just follow the simple instructions below to see real breast enlargement results:






Each Lush package comes with 10 patches for a full month of powerful breast enlargement. Remember, the more you buy, the more you save!

 Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

Lush has thousands of satisfied customers, and we hear from them often by email, phone and letters. We just love hearing about your experience with our products. Check out the testimonials below for Lush Herbal Breast Enlargement Patch, and please, please contact us if you'd like to share your breast enlargement experience with us and the rest of the world!

 Thank you so much! I bought Lush in August last year (2004) in hopes Id see some results in time for Christmas and the New Year. This New Years I wore a HOT red dress that was VERY revealing. I met my new boyfriend that night and I am SO happy that when I took my dress off he wasnt disappointed by FALSE cleavage like it used to be for me. I love this product! Please let me know how to re-order!

I tried all the pills, I even tried hypnosis but didnt get any results. I heard about this new patch for breast enlargement and figured I didnt have anything to lose since I already tried everything else I may as well try this. Im glad I did! 4 months and ONE full cup size later Im feeling on top of the world. Please send me 3 more months!

My room-mate put me onto Lush. We went to a party and she surprised me by wearing a low-cut cleavage revealing black dress. She looked amazing, AND she wasnt wearing a water bra! I want the same! So please send me a 3 month supply of Lush. I cant wait to see the results for myself!

I bought my wife some of your product, hoping to avoid her having breast surgery. She wasnt happy at first at the idea of a patch giving her larger breasts, but now shes positively glowing. Its so easy to use she didnt even notice she was wearing it she told me. Im glad I found it and helped her to feel better about herself. And damn, I sure reap the benefits. I love my wifes larger and firmer breasts, and it was SO much CHEAPER than surgery! Thanks Lush!

No more padded bras for me! Thanks to your Lush product I am now a happy (and healthy) 34C and loving it! This summer Im gonna be showing a LOT more skin, specially now I have much MORE to show.



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