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"I totally recommend your breast capsules. Herbal is so much safer than the surgery. I know, my sister had a VERY bad experience. I wanted breast growth but knew I couldn't have surgery. Bountiful Breast capsules popped into my life and everything changed! Thanks for helping me develop almost 2 full cup sizes in only 6 months! I'm so impressed with your breast capsules. Thank you"







Hi there,
I'm 21 years old and I was tired of having no breasts. After trying the
Bountiful Breast capsules I'm impressed with my results. I've gone from 34B up to 34C and all in just 12 weeks! These breast capsules are amazing, I sincerely recommend them to all women seeking larger breasts.


New York



I just wanted to say that
Bountiful Breast capsules are the best thing I ever discovered. I've always been self-conscious about my small breasts, and after five weeks of use, I had to buy a larger bra. Bountiful Breast capsules has enlarged my breasts giving me the self-confidence I never thought I would have. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.







I found Bountiful Breast Capsules by accident. I got amazing results starting after 10 days. They significantly firmed and toned the overall breast tissue. Can you believe it? After years of hopelessness, thinking my breasts would always stay the same shape and size unless I had surgery, I have finally found the answer with Bountiful Breast Enlargement Capsules.








I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful capsule! My flat chest has always been an insecurity for me. I thought that implants were too extreme, but I wanted to do something. My boyfriend mentioned that he saw an ad about a capsules for breast enhancement. We both agreed it was worth a try! In only three weeks, there was an obvious difference. I could finally fill out an A cup! I've been keeping track, and in two months, I've grown almost an inch! My breasts are rounder and fuller. I finally have cleavage! I cannot thank you enough for these amazing Bountiful Breast capsules! I am anxiously looking forward to my growth over the next few months!




21-Dec-2005 07:33:32 PM




After taking the Bountiful Breastpills I am fitting into my 34 B's quite fully. My breasts are firmer, denser and fuller like they were before I breast fed, this in itself is a major accomplishment. My goal is to become a full C and I believe that with the continued use of the Bountiful Breast pills I will reach my goal.
Thanks for such a wonderful product! I never thought I had any hope of having bigger and firmer breasts but now that I have found Bountiful Breast I truly have the hope of reaching my goal! My improved bust line is already a miracle. Thank you for making me feel so much better about myself and giving me the self confidence that I have always lacked.


New York

12-Nov-2005 11:03:52 AM




All I can say is I am SO grateful that this web site popped out at me and that this company is what it is. I have a long way to go.. but you know what.... I am 7 weeks closer to that goal!!!!!!!!! I am so glad my body is doing this all by itself. No intrusive surgery, anesthetics, dangerous side effects etc.! Just a little time and well spent money for a much better result. 




11-Jun-2005 11:07:35 AM



My sister had the surgery and she has a code inside each breast that is monitored every 6 months. This is her 2nd surgery because her body rejected the first set. Now she's got the toxic ones if they should break open. She lost Kaiser insurance...she is uninsurable due to her breasts now and she is 55 years old. Not a good thing!. IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!! I love my sister very much and was very jealous that she had hers put in. But now I am thankful for this natural way and it's my own body producing the effects! As I said before, I plan on results taking up to (or more if needed) 18 months. Anyway... hanging in there and getting results slowly BUT surely! 



22-Apr-2005 04:50:11 PM




I have always 
had a problem with the size of my breast, I started
as a 32A. I decided to search the web for a solution and came
across Bountiful Breast. I decided to give Bountiful Breast
 a try. By following
the program, and not exceeding the recommended dosage and taking the protein
shake, within four months my fiance and I noticed a difference. Now after one
year I can say that I am a proud 34C.

Thank you Bountiful Breast and thank you Jules for all your help!



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