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Janice,      New York 


"Thank you Benefil, your product did work to improve my confidence because I do get noticed now. My Breasts have never looked good. I will continue to use your product as I am very happy with the results"


John, Sacramento




"My wife looks absolutely amazing since she started to use your cream. I know your site says that gaining cup size is not possible but I would disagree the results are amazing, my wife and I both are very pleased. Thank you Benefil."


Beth,   California




"I had lost hope for having larger breasts and was starting to look towards surgery and I was not thrilled by that option. I am not saying that I gained lots of size, but I did get noticeable results, enough to make me happy. I love how I feel because of the extra confidence. Not being a large busted woman I thought the push-up bra was the only solution that kind of worked, your cream Benefil is making my push up bra work a little harder and the end result is great."



Marian, Seattle


"I noticed results almost right away, my bra is fitting a little tight now and I am very happy for that. I love going out and getting noticed. Thank you Benefil"



Lucy, Denver





"I have lived my whole life without a great deal of self confidence because of my small breasts. The results I noticed from Benefil have changed that. It took a little while to achieve, but the results now speak for them selves. Thank you. PS my boyfriend is not sure what happened but he is paying lots of attention to me now "




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